Contoh Recount Text

Recount text – Tentunya pada saat kita ingin belajar bahasa Inggris, maka akan identik dengan membaca serta memahami suatu teks yang menggunakan bahasa Inggris.

Terdapat banyak dari Jenis teks yang menggunakan bahasa Inggris contohnya seperti report text, narrative text, spoof text, recount text, dan lain sebagainya

Akan tetapi dalam kesempatan kali ini pada artikel ini akan dijelaskan tentang recount text serta diberikan contoh recount text pendek agar bagi para pembaca dapat lebih memahami lebih jelas mengenai recount text.

  1. Pengertian Recount Text
  2. Struktur Recount Text
    1. 1. Pembuka atau Orientation
    2. 2. Isi atau Event
    3. 3. Kesimpulan atau Reorientation
  3. Jenis Jenis Recount Text
    1. 1. Personal Recount Text
    2. 3. Factual Recount Text
    3. 4. Imaginative Recount Text
  4. Ciri Ciri Recount Text
  5. Contoh Recount Text Pendek Tentang Pengalaman Pribadi
    1. 1. Rainforest Experience
    2. 2. Pacitan Beach Experience
    3. 3. Parangtritis Beach Holiday
    4. 4. Merapi Mountain Adventure
    5. 5. My Fishing Experience
    6. 6. Visiting Grandpa Home
    7. 7. My Experience to Make a Fish Pounds
    8. 8. Goa Lawa With Family
    9. 9. Jatim Park Experience
    10. 10. My Math Teacher
    11. 11. Skipped School
    12. 12. My Scary Experience
    13. 13. School Band
  6. Contoh Recount Text Pendek Biografi
    1. 1. Sudirman Biography
    2. 2. Lionel Messi Biography
    3. 3. Neymar Biography
    4. 4. Cristiano Ronaldo Biography
    5. 5. Victoria Becham Biography
    6. 6. Marion Barber Biography

Pengertian Recount Text

Mungkin bagi kamu sering mendengar kalimat recount text, dan tentunya pernah mempelajarinya pula di bangku sekolah, akan tetapi terdapat pula yang masih belum mengetahui pengertian secara jelas dari recount text.

Pengertian recount text adalah sebuah teks bacaan yang berisi mengenai cerita atau suatu runtutan kejadian atau dapat pula berisikan pengalaman yang terjadi pada masa lampau.

Dengan kata lain dapat dikatakan pula bahwa pengertian dari recount text adalah sejenis teks cerita, akan tetapi secara umum recount text berisikan cerita berdasarkan dari pengalaman yang pernah terjadi pada masa lampau atau sesuatu hal yang pernah dialami sebelumnya.

Recount text dapat pula diartikan sebagai kegiatan untuk dapat mengingat kembali suatu kejadian yang telah terjadi pada masa lampau dengan melalui proses diceritakan kembali dalam sebuah teks.

Struktur Recount Text

Recount text sendiri memiliki struktur yang harus diterapkan dalam pembuatan suatu cerita antara lain adalah sebagai berikut:

1. Pembuka atau Orientation

Orientation atau pengenalan merupakan tahapan awal dari setiap penulisan recount text yang pada umumnya berisikan an-nur masi yang umum dan merujuk pada isi dari keseluruhan teks. Informasi ini antara lain berisikan informasi seperti siapa, kapan, di mana.

2. Isi atau Event

Sedangkan yang kedua adalah event pada bagian ini recount text berisikan inti cerita. dan pada bagian ini pula dijelaskan suatu kejadian yang secara berurutan dari suatu kejadian.

3. Kesimpulan atau Reorientation

Reorientation atau kesimpulan berisikan mengenai informasi secara keseluruhan yang lebih lengkap dari isi recount text dengan penjelasan yang lebih ringkas dan padat.

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Jenis Jenis Recount Text

Secara umum recount text dibagi menjadi beberapa jenis yang didasarkan pada tujuan dari dibentuknya sebuah recount text.

Pada umumnya tujuan dari recount text antara lain yaitu untuk dapat menyampaikan informasi atau memberikan informasi serta menceritakan kembali suatu peristiwa atau cerita yang terjadi pada masa lampau.

Terdapat tiga jenis recount text yang dari masing-masing jenis tentunya memiliki tujuan yang berbeda, jenis-jenis recount text antara lain adalah sebagai berikut:

1. Personal Recount Text

Personal recount text adalah sebuah jenis recount text yang dibuat dengan tujuan untuk dapat menceritakan kembali pengalaman dari si penulis secara pribadi atau dapat pula memberikan informasi tentang pengalaman dari si penulis yang terjadi pada masa lampau.

3. Factual Recount Text

Factual recount text sendiri memiliki tujuan yaitu untuk dapat menjelaskan atau menceritakan kembali sebuah kejadian an an-naml mana kejadian tersebut nyata adanya atau faktual. Contoh dari factual recount text yaitu seperti kejadian ilmiah dalam ilmu pengetahuan.

4. Imaginative Recount Text

Jenis recount text yang ketiga yaitu imaginative recount text, jenis recount text yang satu ini memiliki tujuan yang imajinatif, dengan kata lain bahwa dalam jenis recount text ini si penulis menceritakan suatu peristiwa atau pengalamannya dimasa lalu secara imajinasi

Ciri Ciri Recount Text

Terdapat pula ciri-ciri atau karakteristik dari recount text untuk dapat membedakan suatu cerita dapat dikatakan recount text atau bukan recount text.

  1. Memiliki judul yang dapat merangkum teks
  2. Karena pada recount text menceritakan suatu peristiwa yang terjadi pada masa lampau, maka di konteks pasti selalu menggunakan past tense. Misalnya yaitu seperti: Last week, I spent my holiday to go to my grandpa’s house with my parents.
  3. Menggunakan action verb
  4. s. Misalnya seperti: visited, ate, spent, went, took, brought dan lain sebagainya.
  5. Menggunakan adverb dan adverbial phrase untuk dapat menjelaskan waktu, tempat dan juga cara. Misalnya seperti: last week, in Yogyakarta, lately dan lain sebagainya.
  6. Karena recount text memiliki sifat yaitu menceritakan atau menggambarkan suatu peristiwa, maka di dalam ceritanya banyak menggunakan verb atau kata kerja dan juga kata keterangan.
  7. Karena dari recount teks memiliki sifat yaitu ceritanya dijelaskan secara berurutan maka sering menggunakan kata sambung yang menghubungkan peristiwa-peristiwa dalam waktu, misalnya seperti: next, when, later, than, after, before, first, after that.

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Contoh Recount Text Pendek Tentang Pengalaman Pribadi

Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh Recount Text Pendek Tentang Pengalaman Pribadi, simak dengan baik.

1. Rainforest Experience

recount text

Today I woke up at 5:00am in the morning. I put on my loose-fitting shirt, trousers, sturdy black boots with little holes in them, wide brimmed hat and a plastic bag with spare dry clothes in case it rained so I didn’t get a cold. When I got out of the four-wheel drive I could feel the refreshing cool air, it smelt like it had been raining for ages before I came to the rainforest. I decided to explore the forest floor.

The first animal I saw was a magnificent, giant eastern brown snake. I was so scared I felt like I wanted to run but that would be really dangerous!

The second animal I spotted was a beetle eating a rotten berry. I bent down to have a closer look but it stank like rotten eggs and onion mixed together.

Then I turned to the right and saw a bowerbird collecting lots of blue stuff like wrappers and blue flowers. It had beautiful, magnificent, midnight-blue eyes and it looked very graceful.

By now I had seen enough on the forest floor so I decided to go to the understorey. So I went to the bridge in the understorey 20m high off the forest floor.

The first animal I saw in the understorey was a massive, graceful, blue butterfly sucking pollen off a beautiful orchid. That was my favourite animal so far of all the animals I saw.

The second animal I spotted was a black bat hanging upside down on the branch near me. Before I arrived at the rainforest I thought we wouldn’t see a bat because I was going in the day and bats are nocturnal.

The third animal I spotted was a grey Boyd’s dragon it was eating lots of bugs and beetles. I looked down to the forest floor and saw a little stream, it had a cute, little platypus looking after her five tiny, mini babies.

By now I had had enough of the understory so I decided to go up the ladder to the canopy. I already knew that we would see lots of brightly colored birds in the canopy.

I went up the ladder and on the way up I already saw lots of birds and lots of berries and colorful, beautiful, rainbow flowers. When I got to the canopy I was 30m high.

The first animal I saw in the canopy was a Crimson Rosella it was eating seeds off some beautiful flowers. The Crimson Rosella was dark red and midnight-blue on its tail and wings.

I could see the emergent trees 50m tall off the ground. I saw a wedge-tail eagle looking for food and other little animals.

I had a great time because I liked the rainforest. The most terrifying animal was the eastern brown snake. I liked the blue butterfly the best of all the animals.

2. Pacitan Beach Experience

recount text

The last holiday, I went to the city of Pacitan with some of my friends. We would stay some night at the unknown beach because we would like to try the experience of being into the wild. We had prepared everything.

We went there by motorcycle. That vehicle was easier for us to pass any kind of road to go to some of the unknown beach along the south side of Pacitan city.

We rode slowly and sometimes stopped for several minutes to enjoy the landscape. Finally, we arrived at Pacitan. We continued to go to the south just to find any beach.

What we wanted to find was a beach with no tourist there and we found it. It was a beautiful beach with nobody else except us. We built our tents and prepared small branch for making small fire because we need it to cook.

I loved this beach because I got not only a beautiful place but also a great beach for fishing. I did fishing and got a lot of fishes. We roasted those fishes at the fire we’ve made.

We stayed at that beach for two nights. We had to get back home because we ran out of food. We loved that journey and we would back at the beach next holiday.

3. Parangtritis Beach Holiday

contoh recount text

It was Sunday in the last December 2018.

We all had finished our project and that was the time to celebrate. We went to Parangtritis beach. We were 6 and we got there driving a car. We rent a car for a day.

Actually, there was nothing special from Parangtritis beach because we had already there for many times. But the beach was the reminder that we had a hard memory. Yes, our friend had gone and never would back.

The purpose of our day off in Parangtritis beach was to pray for our missing friend.

We started at early in the morning to go there. We only needed 45 minutes because the traffic was not too crowded. We brought some flowers to be sunk at the sea.

Soon after we arrived at the beach we took our flowers and brought those at the bank of the beach. We pried deeply and put the flowers into the water. Sadly, we saw them slowly going to the middle of the sea and disappeared.

It was a celebration for our successful project and also the celebration for the loss of our friend who was the leader of our team for that project.

4. Merapi Mountain Adventure

recount text

Two days ago I went to the Merapi Mountain. It was the first time I climbed the mountain. I did it with some of my friends.

We start climbing at 8 p.m. It was so dark and we only used flashlight to get the way. I felt no worry because all of my friends were professional climber. I just followed their instruction.

We climbed slowly and enjoy the night there. After 7 hours walking in the dark, we could reach the top of the mountain. It was at 3 a.m. early in the morning.

We were not alone. There were a lot of people who reached that top before us. We waited the sun rises by cooking some food and making some hot drink to get back our energy. We sang some songs together, shared stories and got acquainted with people there.

After seeing the sun raised, we had to go back home. Getting down the mountain was not as hard as the climbing process because we only spent a few energy and time even we had to be more careful to do this process.

However, it was great experience i had ever done so far. After all, that was my great experience I had ever have.

5. My Fishing Experience

contoh recount text

Yesterday l was going to the lake. It was the nice time for fishing because I had no work to do.

I wake earlier at the morning then I went to the market place to buy some shrimps which I used for fishing bait. After that, I went to the lake to start fishing.

At that lake, I looked for the best point to fish. I went to the place under the big tree at the bank of the lake.

I threw my hook as far as I can then I wait for the fish eating my bait. 30 minutes left and finally there was a fish ate my bait. It was the first big enough fish that I got.

I got 10 big fish and 3 small fish at that day. I was so happy. I would cook that fish at home and then I would call my friends to come to my home then we would have a small party.

But I was not lucky enough because on the way home I saw a beggar. He was an old poor beggar. I gave all of my fish to him and I wish he would be happy getting that fish. Perhaps he could sell them at the market and get some money to buy some food.

Even I did not have any fish after that, I was so happy because I could help people.

6. Visiting Grandpa Home

contoh recount text

Last year holiday of Lebaran I went to Surabaya visiting my grandmother and grandfather.

I had to go there because the previous holiday I wasn’t there. I missed them so much because I lived with them when I was a child.

At that time both of my parents had to go to another city to earn money so they left me with my grandma and grandpa. After graduated from junior high school, I follow my parents living at Jakarta. Since that, I had visited them only at holiday time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any ticket of either train and plane so that I went to Surabaya by bus. It was so tiring because the traffic was too crowded and stagnant.

Normally, the trip needs around 24-28 hours but my trip at that time took 40 hours from Jakarta to Surabaya. That made me mad. The madness and tiredness during the trip had gone after I met my grandma and grandpa. They were looked old. I was so happy knowing them in healthy condition.

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7. My Experience to Make a Fish Pounds

contoh recoun text

At last year holiday I didn’t go anywhere.

I just stay at home for the whole month. It was not too bad to spend the holiday at home because I had something to do. I did a small project building a small fishpond at home.

What I need is river sand, cement, and some tools. I choose the middle space of my yard. After that, I made the design.

Anyway, I would like to keep some koi fish at that fishpond, so that I had to make the design as well as I can. I preferred to choose the nature landscape as the model.

I did it alone, day and night. I was so happy to do that. After two weeks, I finished it. It was a small beautiful fishpond with nature landscape designed.

Before I put on it some koi fish, I fill the water and waited for about two weeks to make sure that the fishpond was free from poison. Finally, I bought 5 koi fish and keep them at my new fishpond. It was a nice thing to spend the holiday at home.

Before I put on it some koi fish, I fill the water and waited for about two weeks to make sure that the fishpond was free from poison. Finally, I bought 5 koi fish and keep them at my new fishpond. It was a nice thing to spend the holiday at home.

8. Goa Lawa With Family

contoh recoun text

Last week we went to our parents’ house at Trenggalek.

We went there by the train started from Yogyakarta and stopped at Tulungagung station. There is no train station at Trenggalek. Therefore after arrived at Tulungagung we continued our vacation by bus to go to Trenggalek.

We was so happy because we did not visit there yet for a long time. We stayed there for three days and we had a plane to go to some tourism place.

The most interesting thing from our vacation that time was at the second day we visited Lawa cave.

Lawa is Javanese terms which means cave bat and that is true that the cave is the home for thousand bats.

We went there with the whole family so that the trip was so fun. My grandma was 80 and she was so excited and still powerful to go inside the cave.

We could find a river in that cave and the water was so cold. To go deeper inside the cave we need light so we rented a lamp and hire a guide for our safety.

After 4 hours explored the cave, we felt tired and we went out. At the outside of the cave then we searched for the local restaurant and had a nice launch.

That was so very interesting family holiday we had done together.

9. Jatim Park Experience

contoh recoun text

What I love most in school is holiday time.

I spent my last holiday time visiting my uncle’s home at Malang. I stayed there for 5 days and during that day I visited some tourism places.

The most favourite place for me when I was at Malang was Jatim Park II. I loved it because I am an animal lover. The place is located at Jl. Oro-Oro Ombo no 9, Batu, East Java. It took 20 minutes from my uncle’s home by riding motor cycle.

The ticket to enjoy the whole part of the park which are animal museum, secret zoo and eco green park is only 90.000 rupiahs. That’s not too expensive for the pleasure I got.

At first I entered the eco green park because this area is closed at 4 p.m. the next was animal museum which has a huge dinosaur’s replica and the last was secret zoo, the most pleasurable place for me.

Unfortunately, the time was over before I could see the whole part of secret zoo. Therefore, the next day I went there again for one area only, that was the secret zoo. I could enjoy any kinds of animals around the world which I never seen some of them before.

It was a very nice school holiday that I spent at Malang and Batu city

10. My Math Teacher

contoh recoun text

I had a very kind teacher at senior high school. He was math teacher. He was never angry at class even the students were lazy doing the homework. He always taught slowly so that we could have good understanding.

One day when I was at third grade, we all got bad news. Our best teacher passed away because of cancer in his head.

We were so sad. There was no class that day. All teachers and students went to mourn and gave our last honour to him at the funerary event. We all were crying. We all were praying for him.

He left us forever but leaved a good knowledge for us to learn math in a good way. Thanks for him, for his kindness and wisdom as our teacher and also our father.

11. Skipped School

contoh recoun text

I had a silly experience when I was at senior high school.

One day I was absent from English class. I felt bored with the teacher that never innovated his way of teaching. I knew he was too old and soon would be retired from his duty. He often forgot what he had done for the class.

For example, he repeated last week lesson and he never remember who the members of the class were. That’s became my opportunity to left the class as he would never remember it. I was absent at that day class and spent the time by eating at school canteen. I take the sit near the window.

When I enjoy my food, i did not know that the English teacher also left the class and eat at the same school canteen. I can remember his voice ordering some food and drink and finally I knew that he was coming and sitting behind me.

Actually I was afraid if he recognized me. There were only me and him who were eating at that canteen. Of course he greeted me, “You don’t have any class?”and I replied, “No sir, the teacher was absent so that I’m here to have breakfast.”

Then he replied too, “Good answer boy, I know you should at my class right now. I never forget my students actually and I always repeat that boring lesson because that’s the only way for students like you and your friends to be able to remember that better.”

“I’m coming here is for one purpose, to ask you back to class because you never come to my class for several weeks. I’m afraid you will miss the examination.”

I was really embarrassed at that moment and after that I never absent in his class.

12. My Scary Experience

contoh recoun text

It was rainy season at that time and I was at the city garden. An hour before was raining. I could find some puddles at the floor I stepped. It was cold and fortunately I wore jacket.

I guessed it was more than 11 p.m. The city garden was quiet and only a few people were there including some street sellers who were waiting for someone coming and buy something or perhaps they just waited the right time to go home.

I sit at a bench, pulled out a cigarette and burned it. I took a deep breath of smoke and looking around.

I could see some couple of people sitting at their own bench, somebody looked at his handphone closely, and also a young woman in a white dress sitting alone and stared at somewhere with sad eyes.

And what did I do sitting alone there? That was my habit when I was having a lot of things in my mind. I just wanted to be alone for some couple of hours and then went back home.

I get my phone and read some notifications. I did not recognize that somebody approached me.

I turned my head and I was little bit startled, the young woman in a white dress had already sat beside me. I could smell a nice perfume and no doubt it was her fragrant.

I was clumsy for a while and I didn’t know what to do whether to say something or just keep silent looking at my phone. She asked permission to sit at my bench and I pleased her even she had already sat there before asking permission.

I had a bad feeling of her at first because I imagined that she would robe me because she was the member of a gangster who waited for their victim. But, she just borrowed my lighter and she burned her cigarette.

I was really nervous at that time. I didn’t know why, but i felt eerie. Her smell and her appearance were so strange even she looked beautiful.

I wanted to smoke again so that I pull out my cigarette but it was fallen down. I took it and while doing that I made a sidelong glance toward her and i was really shocked because she was disappeared and left her flame cigarette at the bench.

I looked around and suddenly the city garden was so quiet and empty. Nobody was there. I looked at my watch and it was at 3 a.m.

That was my nightmare personal experience that I never told before.

13. School Band

contoh recoun text

I have a personal experience that I got when I was in Senior high school.

At that time I was a guitarist and I have a band. All of the members were the friends at school.

We all were just amateur player and we made a band just for fun. We never wrote our own song so that we just rearranged some songs that we like to play.

All of the members of the band were man. We ran that band for about 6 mounts. During that time we had performed so many times at the cafe, festivals, or at school when there was farewell party.

One day, our vocalist was sick when we would have a performance. We only had a week to make a decision whether to continue the performance with another vocalist or cancelled it.

Fortunately, we found another vocalist who wanted to join us, a beautiful girl with beautiful voice.

Her coming made our band great. With her voice and her appearance, we were looked like professional band. We were happy but at the same time sad.

What about the previous vocalist? However, he had a great contribution in creating this band.

And what would we decide for the future of the band? Our previous vocalist had recovered from his illness, and the new vocalist was still at our band.

At first we made a new formation using two vocalists and the result was not good.

The quality of the vocal of both was so unequal. The girl had too beautiful voice. Those combinations made us like stupid band but what can we do, we could not fire one of those because of the spirit of the band, friendship forever.

What we afraid had happened, our vocalists got into conflict and they had their own reason to be right. We could not do anything.

Finally, both of them leaved the band. I was so sad about it but what could I do? After that uncomfortable incident, we decided to break up the band.

Since that, we could still meet each other as a friend but we never talk about band anymore.

Contoh Recount Text Pendek Biografi

Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh recount text pendek biografi, antara lain.

1. Sudirman Biography

contoh recoun text

General Sudirman was a high ranking Indonesian military officer during the Indonesian national revolution. He was the first commander-in-chief of the Indonesian Armed Forces, he continues to be widely respected in the country.

On 12 November 1945, at an election to decide the military’s commander-in-chief in YogyakartA. The 24 years old Sudirman was chosen over Oerip Soemohardjo in a close votE.

While waiting to be confirmed, Sudirman ordered an assault on British and Dutch forces in AmbarawA. The ensuing battle and British withdrawal strengthened Sudirman’s popular support, and he was ultimately confirmed on 18 December.

General Sudirman commanded military activities throughout Java, including a show of force in Yogyakarta on 1 March 1949. When the Dutch began withdrawing, in July 1949 Sudirman was recalled to Yogyakarta and forbidden to fight further.

In late 1949 Sudirman’s tuberculosis returned, and he retired to Magelang, where he died slightly more than a month after the Dutch recognised Indonesia’s independencE. He is buried at Semaki Heroes’ Cemetery in Yogyakarta.

2. Lionel Messi Biography

contoh recoun text

Luis Lionel Andres Messi, born June 24th, 1987, is an Argentinian football player for F.C BarcelonA. He is not very tall, mainly, due to the growing problem he had when he was younger. His eyes are brown. He never has short hair.

Lionel Messi started playing football at a very early age in his hometown’s Newell’s Old Boys. From the age of 11, he suffered from a hormone deficiency and as Lionel’s parents were unable to pay for the treatment in Argentina, they decided to move to Barcelona, Spain.

In the 2003-2004 season, when he was still only 16 years old, Messi made his first team debut in a friendly with Porto that marked the opening of the new Dragao stadium.

The following championship-winning season, Messi made his first appearance in an official match on October 16th, 2004, in Barcelona’s derby win against Espanyol at the Olympic Stadium 0-1.. And now, in 2010, 2011, and 2012 he is best player in the world.

3. Neymar Biography

contoh recoun text

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior born 5 February 1992, commonly known as Neymar, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for La Liga club FC Barcelona and the Brazilian national team, as forward or winger.

At the age of 19, Neymar Jr won the 2011 South American Footballer of the Year award, after coming third in 2010. He followed this up by winning it again in 2012. In 2012 Neymar received nominations for the FIFA Ballon d’or, where he came 10th, and the FIFA Puskas Award, which he won.

He is known for his acceleration, speed, dribbling, finishing and ability with both feet. His playing style has earned him critical acclaim, with fans, media and former players drawing comparison to former Brazil player Pele, who has called Neymar “an excellent player”.

Neymar joined Santos 2003 and after through the ranks, he was promoted to their first team squad. He made his debut for Santos in 2009 and was voted the Best Young Player of the 2009 Campeonato Paulista.

Further honours followed, with Neymar being voted best player as Santos won the 2010 Campeonato Paulista, and also being top score in the 2010 Copa de Brasil with 11 goals. He finished the 2010 season with 42 goals in 60 games as his club achieved the Double.

Neymar was again voted best player of the year in 2011 as his retained the state title and Santos also winning the 2011 Copa Libertadores in which Neymar scored 6 goals in 13 appearances.

He also playeda key role in securing a continental Double for his team, Santos’ first since 1963. He received the Bronze Ball in the 2011 FIFA Club World Cup, with Santos making it to the final, where they were defeated 4-0 by Barcelona.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo Biography

contoh recoun text

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. Manchester United paid £12 million to sign him in 2003 – a record fee for a player of his agE.

In the 2004 FA Cup Final, he scored Manchester’s first three goals and helped them capture the championship. In 2008, he set a franchise record for goals scoreD. In 2009, Real Madrid paid a record $131 million for his service.

It was through his dad’s work as an equipment manager at a boy’s club that Ronaldo was first introduced to the game of soccer. By the time he was 10 years old, he was already recognized as a phenomenon – a kid who ate, slept and drank the game.

“All he wanted to do as a boy was playing football,” his godfather, Fernao Sousa, recalled for British reporters, adding, “He loved the game so much that he’d miss meals or escape out his bedroom window with a ball when he was supposed to be doing his homework.”

By his early teens, Ronaldo’s talent and legend had grown considerably. After a stint with Nacional da liha da Madeira, he signed with Sporting Portugal in 2001.

That same year, at the tender age of 16, Ronaldo turned heads with a impressing performance against Manchester United, wowing even his opponents with his footwork and deft skill.

He made such an impression that a number of United players asked their manager to try and sign the young player. It wasn’t long before the club paid Ronaldo’s team more than £12 million for his services – a record fee for a player of his age.

5. Victoria Becham Biography

contoh recoun text

Victoria Caroline Beckham is an English singer-songwriter, dancer, model, actress, fashion designer and business woman. She was born on April 17, 1974, in Essex, EnglanD.

She became famous in the 1990’s with the pop group “The Spice Girl”and was known as Posh SpicE. In 1999, she married the Manchester United and England footballer, David Beckham. They have four children, three sons and a daughter.

After The Spice Girl split up, she pursued a solo singer career, but also started her own fashion range called dVb StylE.

Since this initial foray into fashion Victoria Beckham has brought out her own range of sunglasses and fragrance, entitled “Intimately Beckham”and a range of handbags and jewelry.

In addition she had written two best-selling books: one her autobiography and the other, a fashion guide.

6. Marion Barber Biography

contoh recoun text

Marion Barber was born on June 9, 1983, and growing up in Minnesota. He attended Wayzata High School in Minnesota, and excelled in football, baseball, and track. Then, he attended the University of Minnesota, where he majored in Business Marketing.

In his college football career, Marion Barber would earn myriad honors and broke numerous records to boot. Marion Barber’s 3,276 yards and 14 100-yard rushing games ranked third in Minnesota Golden Gophers history.

Marion Barber hit the big time when the Dallas Cowboys selected him as the fourth round of the 2005 NFL Draft.

Fans with Dallas Cowboys tickets watched Marion Barber emerge as a starter, rushing for 95 yards against the Seattle Seahawks and 127 yards against the Arizona Cardinals, which was the first 100-yard rushing game of the season for the Dallas Cowboys.

He and the Dallas Cowboys agreed to a six-year contract extension worth $45 million. His stats will continue to improve and impress his teammates, coaches, and fans with Dallas Cowboys tickets.

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